Psychiatrist Singapore

Psychiatrist Singapore

Psychiatrist Singapore is a medical professional specializing in mental disorders. When people have problems with their emotions, their feelings or the way they act, they sometimes consult with a psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist. These professionals have been trained to deal about how people think and feel and know how to help them feel better. Psychiatrists Singapore aims to provide you with large variety of information on different types of common mental health issues.

The subject of the psychiatrist is the psychiatry and psychotherapy , it overlaps in content with some sub-areas of psychology , particularly clinical psychology and the field of activity of psychological psychotherapists, as well as other medical fields such as psychosomatic medicine, the neurology and general medicine. Unlike other professionals like psychologist in singapore, psychiatrist Singapore are medical doctors who obtain a degree in medicine. They specialize in the medical treatment of adults or the children and adolescents, or both after receiving additional training in their medical school.

Psychiatrist Singapore had attained indepth research in different types of symptoms and treatment available for you.

Patients are referred by their family doctor, or sometimes consult on their own when under pressure from their families, their employers or their surroundings. Specialists in psychiatry and psychotherapy can treat patients in private practice in general hospitals or specialized centres for the mentally ill (psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics and community mental health centres). This is the only authority to prescribe medications practitioner.  The psychotherapy treatments have proven effective in many psychiatric problems. Some psychiatrists in Singapore performed postgraduate training in this field after completing their specialization.

There are many reasons why people go see a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist Singapore, but the main reason is to feel better and get treated. You may have trouble getting along with your classmates, families, or may have trouble learning to cope with your studies, leading to stress. Other reasons to go see a therapist maybe because parents are divorced or someone close to you pass away. This is a great way to talk about your feelings. Also, sometimes children can be abused. These types of problems may improve if you get help from a psychologist, therapist or psychiatrist singapore.

Psychiatrist Singapore

Psychiatrist Singapore – They are doctors who study and treat mental health or emotional disorders. They spend most of their time doing interviews and counselling with their patients. Regular meetings for discussion with patients allow them to explore the experiences of the past, to change behaviour patterns and find solutions to problems. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety are major mental disorders that lead people to seek psychiatric treatment. Psychiatrist use different treatments among which are different types of psychotherapy and medications as well as hospitalization and other treatments to suit the individual needs of each patient.

A Psychiatrist may perform all or some of the following functions:

• receive psychiatric consultation services for people with mental distress, behavioural problems or  learning disabilities,  personal and relationship problems, anxiety disorders

• analyse their physical and mental health through counselling, psychotherapy and through  diagnostic tests (neurological), taking into account the biological, psychological, sychosomatic, environmental and social;

• determine the nature and severity of mental and psychological problems

Here are some common mental disorders that Psychiatrist Singapore had found:

Mood Disorder

Although it is normal for people to experience ups and downs in their moods throughout their lives, those who suffer from mood disorder experience an inordinate amount of their feelings to such an extent that they lose control of their emotion. Symptoms of mood disorders are mainly characterized by their presence and duration of the disorder. Some individuals may experience deep distress, difficulties to meet their professional or family obligations or disability in social and educational activities.

Psychiatrist Singapore researched that mood disorders are treatable and there are different kinds of mood disorder such as depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder and cyclothymic. Treatments such as speech therapy, medication or a combination of both help the person feel better and make changes in situations that may be affecting their condition.


Insomnia can occur in different ways. For some, the inability to sleep is the most visible symptoms, while for others it is the inability to achieve a deep level of sleep and be awakened by the slightest noise. All these symptoms are very disturbing, but night after night for months or years, the most serious insomnia problems accumulate and reveal the impact in the life of every day. These can include physical fatigue, difficulty concentrating and made ​​to feel depressed, irritable or lethargic.

Depressed patients usually sleep well. But they wake up early, around 4-5 am. They then find it very difficult to sleep, and are most often happens at the time to get up. This insomnia is very painful, especially when you consider that one to two hours less compared to his usual sleep objectively gives the feeling of a sleepless night.


Depression is a serious illness. If you are depressed, you can feel extreme sadness for a long time. This feeling is often severe enough to interfere with your daily life. It can last for weeks or months, not just a few days. Depression is a common disease. Some suffer major depression at some point in their lives. Depression can occur at any age, even in children. It affects people in many different ways and can cause a variety of physical symptoms and psychological (mental and social) illness.

Anxiety Disorder

We all know what it is like to feel anxiety. Anxiety is the most common, universal and natural emotion present in all humans. It is very adaptive because it alerts individuals to potential threats. However when the amount if anxiety reaches a high intensity, it is sometimes seen as an unpleasant experience (negative emotion) to the individual. Response system of the individual may be overwhelmed and malfunction thus causing a loss of control over their normal behaviour.

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